“The most beautifully illustrated and unique Christmas story for kids in 2022!”

- Judy O.

The Elf Games

Explore a wonderful world full of gingerbread stadiums, candy cane hockey sticks, and nutcracker referees, as Connor and his new teammates take on a group of mischievous elves thanks to the power of teamwork and one very jolly Coach Claus.

All that Connor wants is a new baseball, but instead, he’s getting a North Pole adventure!

Connor isn’t the only kid on the Nice List! Each of his nine new teammates on Santa’s Squad are spirited athletes with unique strengths to help them in The Ultimate Elf Games. Let’s meet them!

Things are Getting Competitive at The North Pole This Christmas!

Give your child an adventure this holiday season and order
“The Elf Games” today!


About Us Family who loves
Christmas and Sports

“We have three children, so there was no limit to the wild imagination that went into developing the fun twists on modern sports. This book brings together many of the magical Christmas stories we’ve heard throughout the years and gives them new life using our experience in the youth sports industry. Inspired during the current Covid crisis, we used our imagination and entrepreneurial skills developed over the years to do something meaningful with our time. “The Elf Games” is a family project where we tried to bring together all of the things we love about Christmas, magic, and sports,” Mary Scott.